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How to Read The Akashic Records

How to Read The Akashic Records (Special Online Price)

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to How to Read the Akashic Records! In this course, you will be taking a significant step in ........

  • Principles/Guidelines

    We just answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Akashic Records. We still hav ........

  • Your Psychic Ability

    In the previous modules, we helped your conscious understanding of what you will be doing in the Aka ........

  • Preparing The Way

    You are now ready for entry into the Akashic Records! From here on out in this Course you will be en ........

  • Entering The Records

    You have completed all the preliminaries, and now you are going to begin your practice of getting in ........

  • Closing

    You have now come to the end of this Akashic Record Course. The more you practice getting into the r ........